Our Process

Our Design + Build process is easy and straightforward. Here are the five key phases:

1. Initial Consultation

We start with a meeting at your project site to understand your needs and review the site conditions.

2. Conceptual Design

Next, we create a Conceptual Design with various options and visual aids. This design is reviewed at our office for your feedback.

3. Preliminary Budget

Once we agree on the Conceptual Design, we develop a Preliminary Budget to ensure the project is within your financial goals.

4. Design Development and Final Pricing

After approving the design and budget, we make any needed revisions and finalize the budget with a detailed proposal.

5. Project Management and Construction

We then schedule and begin the construction. Our team coordinates all aspects of the project, keeps you updated, and ensures quality work. Once finished, we do a final walkthrough to make sure you're happy with your new space.

Your new space will soon be ready for you to enjoy!