Full Time
New Orleans, LA

Yard Technician

Are you interested in joining a dynamic and growing business that values the unique aspirations of its employees, encourages progressive practices, and offers the opportunity to provide customized and exceptional client service? Mullin is currently seeking a talented Yard Technician in the New Orleans metropolitan area. The Yard Technician is responsible for assisting with all aspects of the plant/material yard at Mullin, with particular attention to the plant nursery.  Work with members of the operations team and members of the field crews to ensure all materials are received, properly maintained, and delivered to our clients safely and efficiently.

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To be successful in this role, you must:

·        Reconciles inventory on all yard materials; including, but not limited to irrigation, drainage, and bulk, materials
·        Regularly communicates with Operations to ensure materials get purchased to maintain adequate inventory
·        Attends weekly purchasing meeting with Operations Manager and Contract Administrator
·        Ensures that all materials meet the quality standards of Mullin
·        Assists crews with unloading/loading of equipment and materials at the end of each day
·        Performs minor maintenance tasks as necessary to keep yard functional and clean (e.g. herbicide application, debris pick-up, etc.)
·        Performs necessary horticultural maintenance to keep plant material alive and well
·        Assists with minor equipment maintenance when necessary (e.g. greasing machinery, cleaning machinery, etc.)
·        Assists with completing minor punch list and warranty-related tasks
·        Assists with coordination and execution of special projects within Mullin yard
·        Delivers equipment to and from the job site


·        A strong understanding of landscape and construction materials is preferred
·        Strong oral and written communication skills
·        Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
·        A solid work ethic and good teamwork skills
·        High school degree or GED is preferred
·        Have a clean driving record and a valid Driver’s License
·        Must be able to operate and have knowledge on the following equipment: bobcat and mini excavator
·        Must have experience driving a truck and trailer

Compensation / Benefits

• 401K plan with partial match
• Paid Time Off to include Vacation and Sick
• Dental, Vision, Disability and many more supplemental insurances
• Health insurance package

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