Baton Rouge, LA

Area Manager

The primary role of the Area Manager is to direct the activities of two to four crews and to ensure that quality standards are achieved within an hourly budget. The Area Manager is to manage the accounts within the assigned portfolio, through maintaining and growing customer relationships. The Area Manager will be responsible for Employee Development and developing a core production team. The Area Manager will ensure that budget projections, quality standards, client retention rates, and enhancement revenue are maintained within the department's goals. Additionally, this person will work in coordination with the Irrigation, Enhancement, and Administration departments to successfully achieve common operational goals and administrative compliance.

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To be successful in this role, you must:

Technical Duties

·       Every morning ensure that crews leave the yard well equipped within ten minutes of start time.

·       Every afternoon ensure that crews shut down and prepare for the following day of work

·       Manage efficiency in work route and work schedule

·       Perform vehicle inspections and follow up on repairs

·       Job routing, sequencing, and scheduling

·       Manage and track irrigation consumption at job sites

·       Keep site and irrigation maps updated

·       Implement small fixes -10 minute fix

·       Manage equipment needs

·       Perform equipment inspections and follow up on repairs

·       Manage and respond to crews’ emergencies

·       Manage the execution of work and service orders

·       Accurate estimate and proposal drafting

Quality Assurance  

·       Follow up on crew leader site reports

·       Perform quality inspections at job sites; generate property action reports and follow up

·       Initiate and follow up on irrigation check and repairs

·       Ensure overall landscape quality at sites

·       Perform timely follow up on client requests

·       Communicate constantly with Account Manager regarding quality

·       Administer regular quality inspections at client sites

Account Management

·       Ensure a high level of client satisfaction to achieve maximum client retention and renewal rates, and to generate increased enhancement sales. This will be accomplished by accurately understanding the client’s expectations and exceeding those expectations through superior service. Achieve a high level of client retention rates by a combination of providing excellent service, effective communication, and building strong relationships with your clients.

Employee Management

·       Provide technical training to crews

·       Manage conflict resolution

·       Provide safety and equipment training to crews

·       Track and manage attendance and time off (paid and unpaid)

·       Perform disciplinary action

·       Manage time sheets daily

·       Execute performance appraisals by due date

·       Manage material and tool requisition (fertilizer, small tools, etc.)

·       Respond to and report injuries and accidents

·       Follow, train on and enforce safety practices

·       Train and build core production team

·       Provide recognition and appreciation to crews

Administrative Compliance

·       Check time sheets for accuracy and submit to Administration

·       Fill out accident reports as necessary

·       Fill out disciplinary action and other HR forms as necessary

·       Manage site quality forms

·       Adhere to Company values and culture

Building Closing

·       Verify all doors on office are locked

·       Close and arm all gates


·       A strong understanding of landscape materials

·       Strong oral and written communication skills

·       Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail

·       A solid work ethic and good teamwork skills

·       Skills in various gardening techniques and equipment

·       High school degree or GED is preferred

·       Have a clean driving record and a valid Drivers License

·       Must have a minimum of 2 years of experience in landscaping or construction management

·       Strong ability to lead, train, and support crew members

·       Ability to work in a team environment

·       Must be customer service oriented

·       Excellent written and verbal communication skills

·       Horticulture knowledge to include plant identification

·       Experience with commercial and residential landscape maintenance/enhancements to include budgeting, job costing, materials management, project management, production, and scheduling

·       Experience with CRM Platforms and Office Suite (Preferred)

Compensation / Benefits

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